curtain styles triplepleat

Triple pleat curtains

This is one of the most popular curtain headings as it’s style is so versatile. It’s made up of three pleats grouped together and pinched at the bottom. A covered fabric button can be added to the bottom as decoration. This style encourages the curtains to hang in neat folds. The pleat depth is between 5-6 inches according to the length of the curtains.  View our gallery >>

curtain styles double pleat

Double pleat curtains

Very similar to the triple pleat but slightly less formal, double pleat curtains have just two pleats, giving a more relaxed style than the triple pleat. This heading uses slightly less fabric so it’s a good one to choose if you need to keep your curtains from taking up too much space at the sides when open. View our gallery > >

curtain styles eyelet

Eyelet curtains

Metal eyelets are punched through a stiffened heading giving a stunning, simple and contemporary heading. They eyelets are threaded onto a metal pole. Eyelet curtains do not take up much room at the sides since they are not gathered in the traditional way so they are ideal for areas where space is limited. View our gallery > >

curtains styles goblet pleat

Goblet pleat curtains

A luxurious way to style curtains. The goblet or cup is created with the aid of a stiffened fabric. Then it is stuffed to keep its shape. A very traditional, opulent heading most suited to period properties with high ceilings where the curtains should be floor length. Rich fabrics such as silk are most suited for use with this style. View our gallery > >

curtain styles single pleat

Single pleat curtains

This pleat has not been folded or stitched in at the base. The cylindrical shape runs seamlessly from the pleat to the main body of the curtain. A contemporary twist on the goblet pleat. The cylinder could be also folded flat, rather than it being left rounded, to create a single pleated curtain which would take up less space at the sides than a stuffed cylinder pleat or other pleated type curtain. View our gallery > >

curtain styles wave

Wave curtains

Similar to the eyelet curtain in its hanging shape the ‘wave’ curtain heading is an even simpler style. This heading requires the installation of a special pole or track, which is usually cord operated. The folds keep their shape due to the construction of the hanging equipment. A very contemporary style that is most suited to voile curtains covering larger expanses. This style can also be a choice for thicker fabrics. View our gallery > >

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