About Olivera Babic, Designer and Maker

Olivera is a curtain and blind maker in Ealing.  She covers West London and nearby areas.  Unlike many target driven sales people in department stores etc. she has practical experience and knows what works. A perfectionist to the core, all her projects are carefully managed by herself from start to finish. Now that is rare old fashioned customer service!  Babic Interiors is a small, local business that offers a consultation service in the comfort of your home, bringing together all that you need. Olivera is independent of any supplier and can draw from many sources to find the perfect solution for you.

Olivera specialises in all kinds of window treatments and other soft furnishings. There is no shop to sap her time and energy as she believes this is best used in front of clients in their home. She is a curtain and blind specialist who will:

  • Give you independent advice
  • Supply you with fabric, tracks and poles
  • Make to perfection
  • Manage the installation
  • Give you great ideas
Ealing curtain maker

Consultation service

advice for curtains and blinds


After a career in broadcasting at the BBC and Reuters, Olivera Babic followed her passion for design. She completed professional training in Soft Furnishings and Interior Design at London’s Metropolitan University and Richmond College. She has worked in interior design for over 15 years and gives you the benefit of her design eye during consultations for window treatments. Olivera’s talent for design is tempered by healthy dose of practicality. She’ll inform you of all the pros and cons for you to choose wisely.

Every new project large or small, presents an exciting challenge. From dressing windows to refurbishing houses, design is a passion that leads Olivera to make spaces beautiful.

We believe in making spaces beautiful

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