Electric blinds from Qmotion

Wireless automation made easy
Qmotion roller blinds use the very latest technology and operate very quietly. Choose from either hardwired or battery powered options which can be retrofitted. A remote control can operate single or multiple blinds. The system can also be integrated into Lutron. They can also be linked to a hub or wifi point for operation via computer or mobile. Due to clever design the battery powered option is highly power efficient. One set of batteries will last 3-5 years and even longer.

Perfect function
These super quiet electric blinds are such a practical invention. Though it’s also sure to give your home the wow factor. Battery replacement is also easy to do yourself. For perfect piece of mind you can also set up a maintenance contract with us. Your blinds will be checked and batteries replaced every two years. Due to the clever technology these electric blinds can also be manually operated. This is wireless automation is the best on the market and it’s a game changer!

Super choices
We have a large range of roller blind fabrics available. Choose from semi translucent voile fabrics and technical screen type fabrics as well as blackouts and printed patterns. Some filter UVA light and reflect heat to keep it out. Other fabrics block light or let it filter in. Bespoke printed blinds are also possible.

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