Our reupholstery service for furniture breathes new life into old items. Recover your much loved sofa or chair instead of buying new. Our team replace flat cushions and rusty springs for your comfort. We repair and varnish frames too.  It’s worth doing with a quality piece of furniture. These tend to be older and made with real wood frames.  Dining chairs and their seat pads are easily recovered with a fixed cover or loose cover. You could change fabric on a headboard to suit your bedroom. Alternatively, you could ask us to make you a new special one.

Use our reupholstery service to upcycle old furniture and you’ll also furnish you home in an environmentally friendly way. We supply fabric, vinyl or leather, decorative trims and studs. You’ll be surprised how a tired old piece can be transformed to look like new again. Your bargain finds can be adapted to fit in with your decor.

Our reupholster services are carried out by skilled hands using traditional methods. Costs cannot compare with buying new and mass produced furniture. You should use this service wisely when you want to renew or change fabric on a loved item.

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